Sunday, August 25, 2019

Strategic Analysis (Individual) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Strategic Analysis (Individual) - Essay Example n, it is important that the firm must be able to look into the commercial aspects of the technology and focus on what market requires and what it can deliver. Firm’s core competencies were based upon its ability to produce high quality technology however it clearly lacked the ability to transform its core competencies into the commercially viable products. It is important to understand that the organizations have made a transition towards focusing on the mass customization where firms focus on delivering highly customizable products through a mass market. The firm though has a large and diversified market to serve however due to sheer size of the applications and potential market niches; it may not be possible for the firm to focus on developing commercially feasible products and services. This paper will discuss the internal and external analysis of Soundfacts firm and will provide strategic analysis and alternatives for the management to reposition the company and become commercially more successfully and viable. Firm operates in Denmark which is one of the advance countries in the world with favorable political system. There is little or no interference from the bureaucracy and the overall political structure of the firm favors the free markets and private enterprises. The transfer of private property laws are in favor of the organization and as such firms can easily move their assets in and out of the country with low level of political interference. Apart from this, the overall tax environment is relatively favorable for the firms with government acting as a welfare state. The higher ratio of taxes imposed on the individuals is off-set by the State being a welfare State. Further, Denmark is also part of European Union thus it enjoys the relative political support at the regional level. (Dimireva, 2009) Denmark is one of the highest ranked economies in the world with good per capita income thus suggesting that the consumers have the required purchasing

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